Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The camera was on the fritz today, so unfortunately no video. Instead of showing you guys IU, I'm going to have to explain it.
Everywhere I walk on campus, it's evident that spring has sprung! Daffodils are popping up, new mulch is being laid down and I no longer have to layer clothing item upon clothing item to make sure I don't freeze. It's hard to walk around campus and not have a stupid grin on my face.
 What I look like when it's spring outside

Sixty-five degrees and sunny is the perfect weather. I actually want to get up and walk to class. When it was snowing, cold and freezing I was like a hibernating bear, refusing to leave the warmth of my bed, only leaving when it was absolutely necessary -- to find sustenance and attend the occasional class. Now, it's completely different.
I got to give it to them, IU really does have a beautiful campus, and during spring, the beauty is amplified. Hopefully the weather will stay this nice and not dip back down to freezing temperatures, because I'm tired of being a hibernating animal.
Also, hopefully the camera will be fixed next time I post so you won't have to deal with my horrible stick drawing from Microsoft paint anymore.

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